Some Rules Of Dieting That May Shock You!

fdrulsDo you swear by fat-free dressings? Chew your food slowly? Cut all portions in half? Think again: A lot of diet do’s are actually diet don’ts.

Carbs are good; carbs are bad. Salt is a killer; salt is harmless. Alcohol increases your risk of breast cancer; a drink a day does wonders for your heart. Fat-free snacks help you shed pounds, except you’ll probably eat way too many of them, and then they add pounds. Every time you turn around, there’s a new-and often contradictory-piece of nutritional wisdom to absorb.

Even the most “tried-and-true” diet advice can sometimes prove wrong, says Marcia Orchard of It’s not that nutritional experts don’t know what they’re doing. New studies on weight loss and food’s disease-fighting powers are always coming out. Sometimes they confirm what researchers already believed, but sometimes they come with surprises, turning a nutritional “do” into a “don’t.” Continue reading “Some Rules Of Dieting That May Shock You!”

Stay Smart When Ailments Start To Affect The Emotional Side

bnopdAny woman who has suffered through the blackness of postpartum depression or the mood swings of PMS knows instinctively how the rise and fall of estrogen can affect her emotions, says Melanie Taggart of Organizing Your Way. Now, new research suggests that this quintessential female hormone may influence how we feel and think more strongly throughout our lifetimes than we ever realized. Here are estrogen’s most common effects on mood as noted at this conference, and the mind, and what you, in consultation with your doctor, can do about them:


WHAT IT IS More than half of all women report mild moodiness, irritability, or fatigue …

Should You Be A Human Guinea Pig?

ssmayIn September of last year, Anne Dyson found a lump in her breast. It wasn’t her first cancer scare–four years earlier, the 52-year-old pediatrician from Millbrook, New York, had what turned out to be a benign cyst diagnosed in the same breast. Hoping this was another false alarm, Dyson rushed to the medical center where she’d had a mammogram six months earlier. At first she was told there was no change. “Then I got the dreaded call to come back,” she remembers. At that point, she turned to a doctor she knew at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, who arranged for a repeat mammogram and breast biopsy.

The results were grim: Dyson had cancer in both breasts-which had been missed in previous mammograms because her dense, lumpy breasts made X rays hard to read. Also, two lymph nodes were positive, indicating that the cancer had spread. “You can’t imagine my terror,” she says. Dyson kept thinking about her family: “I’d just gotten married-literally the week before. My two sons from my first marriage, Mac and Roberto, were only nine and thirteen, and I had a new stepson, Ben, also thirteen. I had a lot left to do in life.” Continue reading “Should You Be A Human Guinea Pig?”

What Exactly Can “Rolfing” Do For You?

rolfdfuBad back? Aching muscles? When your pet is in pain, an alternative treatment–massage, acupuncture, Rolfing–may be just the right prescription.

When Lyndon Burnett of Deer Trail, Colorado, climbed into his pickup truck to run an errand in August 1999, he didn’t realize that the family’s tabby cat, Juju, was snoozing beneath the engine. Until the rancher turned the key. The fan belt hit the cat, and a yowling Juju flew out from under the truck, raced behind a shed, then collapsed. Lyndon’s wife, Amy, and their daughters, Anne, 12, and Lila, 8, drove the cat to the vet, where she was placed in intensive care for a compression fracture in …